About Us

 We have been manufacturing and selling high-quality t-shirts, including custom-made t-shirts, since 2006. Our t-shirt products are manufactured and processed at our facility in Orlando, Florida. They come in various colors, designs, styles and sizes to choose from, so you can always quickly find quality but affordable apparel that is just right for you. Moreover, after 10 years, we also began providing a great selection of inspirational wall decals, bible verses wall decals and car vinyl decals to suit your style and preference.  

 Let me tell you something about how Nuovo Creations began…

 I had always wanted to own a business that can provide valuable products to the customers. I actually took inspiration from my brother who was actually doing screen printing for local customers, thus, I decided that I would create t-shirt products like the ones sold at eBay but provide the customers with more options. The name of my company then was WearStatements. At first, I started running my business in the comfort of my own bedroom, which served as my office for a while. Eventually, I had to rent a small office space, where I could work and manufacture my t-shirt products when orders kept coming. I started selling t-shirts at eBay in 2006. After which, I sold them at Amazon and Etsy. Up to this day, the customers can still buy my t-shirt products from Amazon, Etsy and this website.

 After 10 years, I realized that it was time to expand the business and offer something new to the customers, thus, I decided to give the company a new name (Nuovo Creations) and started offering a new collection of insightful bible verses wall decals and unique wall decals that can add value to their homes or offices. What’s more, I also began offering interesting car vinyl decals that add a touch of style to any car at great prices that the customers are willing to pay.